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Kompakt grottebadstue

Liten, men kraftig! En kompakt badstue som varmes opp raskt og gir en behagelig dampopplevelse og luftsirkulasjon takket være de hvelvede taket. En opplevelse som ikke finnes i en vanlig badstue!

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Cellar with arched sauna

Floor area _ 14,2 m2

A cellar and arched sauna all in one – a perfect combination to enjoy in a coastal pine forest. Lime plaster, fieldstone and brick patterns were chosen as the central elements. Installation and construction of […]

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A Finnish sauna that will last a century, offering a wonderful sauna experience!

Floor area _ 9,7 m2

This is something you might not have seen before. It is an underground sauna with a vaulted ceiling.

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Exterior views

Our cellar finishes are tailored to match the style of your home.

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Using only four modules you can construct vaulted structures from 4.5 m2 up to hundreds of square meters. Read more on our technology page.

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